Sunday, January 22, 2006

StormClix and NetIBA

StormPay & Storm Clix

If you don't have a Stormpay account open it now before its too late. Highly secured income every day. Signup HereOpen your Stormpay account and click on the Stormclix link then browseclix link. You will find lots of Ads. You can click and watch those ads and start earning. Ads are worth $0.01 up to $5.00. Payments credited everyday into your Stormpay account. $1.00 minimum payout. I earned $8.23 in last 7 Days. Why can't you? Click, Earn and Enjoy!!!


Get yourself NetIBA certified today. 30% of additional Stormclix links with higher clix price hiding only for NetIBA certified members. Normal Stormpay withdrawal fees are 6.9% + 69 cents. But for NetIBA certified members it is only 2.9%+39 cents, Enjoy immediate withdrawal, Stormpay International Debit Card and many more advantages. With your current status you may earn only $0.50 maximum with Stormclix.
Start earning more (I earn upto $2.50) everyday. Costing you very little $19.95/year only. Within a two weeks you can take it back from Stormclix

Click Here to Signup Now & Start Earning More!!
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