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AutoSurf Programs Pay Big Money

AutoSurf Programs Pay Big Money
Autosurf programs - do you know about them yet? I would like to bring to your attention that many are amassing small fortunes with these paid-to-surf programs.
In the near future I will add to this Webpage a matrix showing how all of the different programs that I have personally tried worked and what I do and do not like about them. In the meantime, I will use one program for example... Autosurfing With 12 DailyPro
I decide how much I earn by my participation level in this program. The best thing about this program is that as long as you have 20 minutes of spare time a day to jump on your computer you can make money with this opportunity. There is no need to market, sell, promote, hold meetings, do conference calls... nothing but login to your account and click one link. That's it!

How does it work?
So, how does 12 DailyPro (12DP) work?
12 DailyPro is a paid-to-surf program and traffic exchange website. Upgraded members earn money for viewing the websites owned or promoted by other online professionals. In return for viewing these Websites members are paid daily and receive credits which can be used to direct traffic to their Websites.

Who is 12 DailyPro?
12 DailyPro was started in April 2005 and currently has over 85,000 members and grows by 1,000 new members each day. 12DP has invested millions of dollars in membership funds into safe, high-yield investment programs typically only available to large institutions like banks or excessively wealthy families.
12DP is ranked on in the top 1,000 of all Websites and are climbing every single day!
12 DailyPro is registered as a legal, tax-paying business in the state of North Carolina, USA, under its business license name, Life Clicks.

How do you make money?
12 DailyPro pays back their members 12% per day (3.6n% simple interest profit) of their vesting to surf twelve websites each day for twelve days. After the twelfth day 12DP will have returned your principle plus 44% profit - a total return of 144% of the original number.
The minimum upgrade amount you can put into 12 Daily Pro is $6.00 and the maximum amount is $6,000. Let's calculate some numbers to give you an idea of what you will make at 12 DailyPro. Note that an "upgrade" is money you put into the program, and each upgrade lasts for 12 days.
· $250 UPGRADE yields $250 X 144% = $360 / profit $110
· $500 UPGRADE yields $500 X 144% = $720 / profit $220
· $1,000 UPGRADE yields $1000 X 144% = $1,440 / profit $440
· $2,500 UPGRADE yields $2500 X 144% = $3,600 / profit $1,100
· $6,000 UPGRADE yields $6000 X 144% = $8,640 / profit $2,640
Remember that the profits you see happen every twelve days!
Upon joining 12 DailyPro, you must upgrade your account within seven days. This insures the long term success and sustainability of 12DP by preventing free loaders from filling the system.

How do you surf?
Log into your 12 DailyProo account and click on the "Start Surfing" link at the top. A new window will open and you will begin autosurfing automatically. The top frame of the page will show a timer, how many websites you have surfed for the day, and how many credits you've earned in the current session. The bottom frame will autosurf the websites being advertised. The autosurf page will display a new website in the bottom frame automatically every 25 seconds - hence the term autosurfing. There are no buttons to push. Just sit back and relax!
How are funds submitted / retrieved?
12DP presently offers a few means to add funds to your account and to retrieve them after the twelve days pass.
Despite the often heard complaint about their fees I prefer to use StormPay. I have a few reasons as follows:
· StormPay is easy to use;
· StormPay is efficient;
· and StormPay pays you additional referral fees!
· New! As of 12/05 StormPay's fees have been substantially lowered when your Email address is NetIBA Certified for only $19.95 per year. This can save you thousands!
In addition to the monies earned to autosurf 12DP you will see a nice override from StormPay to boot! (You also now receive an additional $5 for every NetIBA registration referral!) Let's look at a quick example of what this can mean to you. Let's just go three wide and three levels deep and assume that your 12DP group is maxed out at $6,000 vested per cycle.
You referred three members who vested $6,000 each. Everybody including yourself will earn $2,640 every twelfth day, or more than $79,200 per year to autosurf. They replicated the process. Their referrals replicated the process. End result is that you have thirty-nine (39) members in your 12DP organization who also were referred into StormPay.
Here's the first bonus. StormPay pays you 2.5% for six levels on the processing fees charged. The commissions are deposited directly and instantly into your StormPay account each time a member in your downline makes a spend. Even though you only referred three into the system, there are thirty-nine people in your organization who are spending $6,000 through StormPay every twelve days. StormPay charges 3% to put the fees into the account. That means you will receive a 2.5% of 3% of $7,020,000 per year, or a commission of $5,625 annually added to your autosurfing profits!
When your organization grows to a 4x6 filled matrix, the potential annual spend with StormPay is greater than $982,800,000. You could potentially see more than $737,100 in commissions from StormPay! Do you see why I like the 3% spend fee now? Okay, do you remember the Ginsu commercials?
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