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Neobux PTC Earning Strategy Step by Step Tips and Tricks

This strategy is for those who are really willing to earn in 

You must understand that you will not be earning 10-20$ plus per day as soon as you start, initially you will only be making a few cents per day but if you're a committed person and are really into this business then you are on your way to earning big. It is not required but if you wanna earn fast you can invest money and you'll obviously earn a lot quicker.

The main priority in Neobux is the referrals. You cant earn a lot without referrals and that's the main rule. There are two(2) ways to get referrals, the first one is to rent referrals and the second one is to get direct referrals. Renting referrals is not that easy because you'll have to make some effort to study their clicking patterns to see if you are gaining profit from them.  But before you rent your referrals you should know that to earn from them you should click your advertisements according to server to be credited for your referrals clicks and if you do not click any adverts today you will not be credited with your referral clicks tomorrow.  That's according to the terms of service part 3.7 of Neobux.

Is your referral inactive or just clicks a few advertisements per day? No problem! You can recycle each referral any time you want to specially when they are not making you any money anymore because they are inactive or a bad clicker. For just $0.07 you can replace him/her with a new active referral. And don't worry because if the replaced referrals is active you can easily get your 7 cents back.

Now you already have 80 cents and is itching to get you own referrals but believe me don't rent referrals yet  because at the end you'll realize that you do not have enough money to maintain your newly rented referrals.  So my advice is you should earn at least $1.50 by clicking on the advertisements daily. This way you'll have additional money to manage and recycle your referrals if they start to go inactive

Neobux have a fantastic feature called autopay, it’s a great tool where if you have it enabled and a referral clicks one or more adverts,  the referral will be automatically paid for another day but at a lesser rate which saves you 10% per day they click.  As soon as you rent your first 3 referrals you should enable autopay, the link can be found at the top of your rented referrals page. Basically once it's enabled AutoPay will pay and extend 1 day for any of the ref(s) that has made a click and has more than 20 days left.

AutoPay features:

- Renew referrals for 1 day at a time at 15% discount.
- Saves time in automatic renewing refs with 20 or more day remaining.
- Cheaper then 15, 30, 60 days renewing.
- Might help in filtering out low clickers.
- Might help in using earnings efficiently.
- Help in delaying payments on large numbers of refs expiring at the same time.
- No need to use AutoPay if renewing longer than 90, 150, 240 days.
- Flexibility to enable or disable at any time. 
- AutoPay works for all the refs, you cannot select who to extend for 1 extra day.

If you already have your first $2 don't request for payment yet. Instead use your money to extend you first pack for 90, 150 or 240(recommended) days to maximize your earnings and if all your referrals are now extended you can turn autopay off and just repeat this strategy of renting referrals and extending them until you obtained 300 referrals which is the maximum amount of referrals a standard member can get. When you reach 300 referrals, stop renting referrals and just maintain the ones you already have.  Keep doing this until the money builds up to around $100, you can use $90 of it to pay for a golden membership upgrade. $100 will not take very long at all to get once you have 300 active referrals and once you upgrade to golden your earnings will double. 

This is the great part. Golden membership costs $90 a year but instead of receiving $0.005 for every advertisement your referral views, you get $0.01 so your earnings literally double. That’s all there is to it.

Keep renting new referrals after you upgrade to golden and do not cash out. Remember, if you do not request a payment until some point in time you will soon be able to cash out great amounts of money on a daily basis. Try not to be impatient and blow it before that. You should wait until you have 2,000 referrals (the cutoff limit for renting referrals for golden members) and any money you are not using to maintain referrals you can cash out.

The earning process in NeoBux can be described as:

-Click your ads every day according to server time.
-Rent some more referrals.

-Get some direct referrals (after you have met the requirements which are: at least 30 days as a member and 100 of your own clicks).

-Manage your referrals wisely (keep daily statistics and use recycling if it's needed and use renewing plans for longer periods to reduce the renewing cost in the long run).

-Buy any upgrade that you believe is a useful one when you can afford it.

-Repeat the above cycle.

Remember that the more money you will invest form your pocket, the more you will speed up the process of building your downline in Neobux.

When you are renting referrals there are 7 options:
1. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 240 more days in advance. (minimum risk approach).
2. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 150 more days in advance. (very low risk approach).
3. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 90 more days in advance. (low risk approach).
4. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 60 more days in advance. (intermediate risk approach).
5. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 30 more days in advance. (not too much risk approach).
6. Rent as many referrals as you can afford and make sure that you have also the funds to renew them for 15 more days in advance. (risky approach)
7. Rent as many referrals as you can afford. (the riskier approach).
Don't Wait Join Now and start earning as you go.
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