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High Paying Google Adsense Keywords 2011

Here you can find out the highest paying Google AdSense keywords and optimization tips. High paying keywords and alternatives

So how many of you out there have heard about these high paying Google AdSense keywords? I'm sure everyone. The problem with these people and sites are that they are drastically off base with their quotes. I've done a lot of research on high paying AdSense keywords and for the most part, there aren't many with staggering CPC.

Seriously some of these people are claiming that they know Google adsense high paying keywords 2011 that pay upwards of $100 per click. Well I'll tell you right now that's a load of bull. There are some pretty high paying keywords but none of them touch $100. I mean come on be realistic, if an ad pays $100 a click that means the advertiser is spending at least twice that for an advertisement! And with a general search volume of about 2000 clicks the advertising cost would be outrageous! So don't listen to these quacks saying they know where these unbelievable keywords are because they don't exist.

For those of you who don't know what CPC is, it stands for Cost Per Click. That is the price an advertiser would need to pay per click of their ad they are running. You as a publisher would get anywhere between 20% and 60% of the CPC. So let's say the CPC was $5, you know you will get $2.50 at the max.

Sometimes finding the right keyword or phrase isn't as easy as point and click. So what you need to do is use a keyword tool or traffic estimator. You type in your keywords or phrase that you've decided on and the tool will show you the search volume and other related keywords and phrases. This will help you decide if your keywords or phrases will be the most profitable in Google AdSense.

For instance...Personal Injury Lawyer has a good search volume and a high CPC, BUT, Chicago Personal Injury Attorney has an even higher CPC. Little adjustments to specify what you're going for makes a world of difference. This here is pretty much SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, in a paragraph. Take whatever you're writing about or promoting or whatever and define it from dog training to how to train your dog to stop biting. Make sure to sprinkle your content with your keywords or phrases and if possible put it in your title as well. Trust me it will work. And that ladies and gentleman is SEO.

Now How Many Of You Have Felt Like This

You've been doing your research and you've found high paying Google AdSense keywords. You've started to get some views and impressions and yet still nothing. Goose egg. Zilch. Nada. Ok, ok, I'm getting carried away. I'm sure anyone who has tried Google AdSense has felt this horror before.

Well really it comes down to a couple things:

* SEO (search engine optimization)

* Content

* Competition

* Subject

SEO is quite simple as I explained above. Optimize your target by taking a plain Jane subject like dog training and define it by doing how to train your dog to etc etc. Put your keywords or phrases throughout your content and in the title if you can. A lot of times the title has been taken so try to double it up or stretch it out like so..train your dog-how to train your dog to stop biting. Doubling and stretching like that really ranks high on search engines.

Content, you must have good quality original informative content in your article, blog, website, whatever it may be. A lot of place you write can see if you've cut and pasted someone else's work off the net and search engines are less likely to pick up on duplicates. So keep it original and informative.

Competition simply means are you chasing a niche that has thousands and thousands of people targeting the same thing. Now it's not always bad with Google AdSense to chase a high competed for niche but it's typically a better idea to find something with lower competition. This allows you a much greater chance of getting seen.

Subject or Niche is an important thing to pay attention to. If you're going after a niche that doesn't really have a following, then you're not going to get any views, clicks or what have you. For example, how many people do you think are searching for trash bags versus car insurance? Find a subject or niche that people are and will continue to search.

Now you can take all this information I've given you and do extra research on each of them. If you want more in detail descriptions and layout. I just try to explain things in the most simple way possible. The one thing that got me when I started online was how everyone had these long drawn out explanations for everything. I was screaming "why can't you just flat out tell me!?" So after some time reading a hundred different peoples eBooks or websites and blogs about how to do this and that, I figured I'd share my knowledge and put it in words anyone can understand.

You don't always have to go for the most expensive niche to still be profitable. Start by checking out how much things cost in areas you know a lot about and would enjoy writing about. That way with your first steps in the door while you're learning you'll be having fun doing it. Then you can move on to more expensive, which I have found to mean boring, niches.

Now write a little each day, or maybe one article, blog whatever a day. The more you have the more you get with high paying Google AdSense keywords. Try and link your things together that have the same unique content. This way you'll get people traveling through your stream of information checking your ads and your links etc. And remember just because you're trying to make money doesn't mean you can't have fun. So HAVE FUN WRITING

High Paying Google AdSense Keywords 2011

As promised here are some high paying Google AdSense keywords for you to start on. Now remember this is the CPC (cost per click) for the advertiser, so you figure 50% - 80% is yours.

* Chicago personal injury attorney~~~~$25 - $36. average $31

* Chicago personal injury lawyer~~~~$25 - $34. average $31

Just a little side note, basically any state and personal injury attorney or lawyer is a high paying Google AdSense keyword but Chicago seems to be the highest. Ranging from $15 - $30 per click.

And don't be afraid to take some words and switch them around or add words to find more money per click. Research is key!

* Auto Insurance Quote~~~$17 - $25. average $22

* Life Insurance Quote~~~$15 - $23. average $19

* Car Insurance Quote~~~$19 - $28. average $24

* New Lasik~~~$15 - $21. average $19

* Best Equity Loan~~~$17 - $24. average $22

* Mesothelioma Treatments~~~$18 - $27. average $23

List Keywords High Paying Google Adsense in Febuary 2011 :

Health Care, Insurance, 

 Home Loan, Mesothelioma
college student loan consolidation.
97.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
40.36 benchmark lending
38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia
36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
36.55 ca lemon law
34.13 best buy gift card
7.44 domains yahoo
79.81 domain name yahoo
68.91 dc hair laser removal washington
66.15 law lemon wisconsin
51.14 hair removal washington dc
41.97 domain registration yahoo
40.36 benchmark lending
38.05 domain yahoo
37.86 yahoo web hosting
37.29 hair laser removal virginia
36.59 peritoneal mesothelioma
36.55 ca lemon law
34.13 best buy gift card
31.1 adverse credit remortgage
30.98 mesothelioma information
29.77 law lemon ohio
29.34 att call conference
29.1 insurance medical temporary
28.95 illinois law lemon
28.78 mesothelioma symptoms
28.51 angeles drug los rehab
28.26 personal injury solicitor
28.23 att go
28.03 accident car florida lawyer
27.11 google affiliate
27.11 at t wireless
26.31 100 home equity loan
26.28 mcsa boot camp
26.19 anti spam appliance
26.17 adverse remortgage
26 chicago hair laser removal
25.98 att conference
25.84 at and t
25.45 laser hair removal maryland
25.15 mesothelioma
24.88 buy gift card
24.8 mesotheloma
24.52 student loan consolidation program
24.45 california law lemon
24.3 event management security
24.15 canada personals yahoo
24.15 orlando criminal attorney
23.78 uk homeowner loans
23.71 vioxx lawsuit
23.55 compare life assurance
23.34 criminal defense federal lawyer
23.29 american singles
23.09 federal criminal defense attorney
23.07 laser hair removal manhattan
23.03 att prepaid wireless
23 fortis health insurance temporary
22.93 miami personal injury lawyer
22.75 hair removal chicago
22.74 at and t cell phones
22.61 refinance with bad credit
22.47 malignant mesothelioma
22.45 lease management software
22.34 primary pulmonary hypertension
22.27 miami personal injury attorney
22.24 anti spam lotus notes
22.23 life insurance quotes
21.91 egg credit
21.8 anti spam exchange server
21.77 lemon law
21.67 google adsense
21.67 best consolidation loan student
21.63 refinance with poor credit
21.49 employee leasing
21.36 student loan consolidation center
21.35 buyer mortgage note
21.34 federal student loan consolidation
21.33 symptoms of mesothelioma
21.31 city hair laser new removal york
21.2 att wireless com
21.15 san diego dui lawyer
21.14 indiana law lemon
21.1 law lemon michigan
20.8 angeles criminal defense los
20.8 refinancing with poor credit
20.64 home equity loan
20.64 action class lawsuit vioxx
20.49 term life assurance
20.47 e loan
20.46 celebrex lawyer
20.37 vasectomy reversal
20.36 mortgage rates refinancing
20.28 attorney law lemon
20.28 consolidate student loans
20.17 home equity loans
20.11 mesothilioma
19.99 new york personal injury lawyer
19.98 home equity loan rates
19.97 auto insurance quotes
19.93 georgia law lemon
19.9 homeowner loans
19.73 equity loan rates
19.68 administration lease software
19.63 egg credit card
19.58 student consolidation loans
19.55 microsoft anti spam
19.41 mesothelioma prognosis
19.29 second mortgages
19.26 21 auto century insurance
19.25 employee florida leasing
19.21 federal consolidation loan
19.17 equity loan
19.14 personal injury attorney colorado
19.03 accident lawyer michigan
19.02 refinancing with bad credit
19.02 home equity line of credit rates
19.01 federal consolidation
18.96 non profit debt consolidation
18.95 pay per click affiliate
18.86 city hair new removal york
18.85 acid reflux disease diet
18.77 refinance poor credit
18.75 equity loans
18.73 student loan consolidate
18.6 consolidate loans
18.51 secured loans
18.49 criminal lawyer new york
18.43 affiliate per click
18.29 chicago personal injury lawyer
18.29 los angeles dui lawyer
18.19 att prepaid
18.1 angeles criminal defense lawyer los
18.04 critical illness insurance life
18.03 irs lawyer tax
18.03 laser hair removal new york
18.02 comcast high speed
17.98 personal yahoo
17.78 san diego dui attorney
17.77 michigan personal injury
17.73 automobile law lemon
17.66 cheap insurance life term
17.52 home loans refinancing
17.51 consolidate college loans
17.45 cheap life insurance
17.38 vioxx law suit
17.32 student loan refinance
17.3 car hire alicante spain
17.28 tax attorney
17.28 refinancing my home
17.24 criminal dallas lawyer
17.24 line of credit home equity
17.23 litigation vioxx
17.2 at and t phones
17.15 criminal defense attorney los angeles
17.14 commodity online trading
17.13 home equity rates
17.12 adsense
17.12 law lemon mass
17.11 equity home
17.1 arizona law lemon
17.09 child molestation attorney
17.09 home line of credit
17.06 alicante car rental spain
17.03 attorney defense federal
17.02 san diego criminal attorney
16.79 injury lawyer new york
16.78 attorney injury new personal york
16.77 at and t mobile
16.72 pleural mesothelioma
16.61 augmentation breast diego san
16.61 home equity poor credit
16.6 health insurance temporary
16.6 compensation mesothelioma
16.6 21st century insurance
16.52 cheap insurance medical
16.51 angeles criminal lawyer los
16.49 low cost term life insurance
16.48 home refinance loans
16.45 eloan
16.44 life insurance quote
16.39 cheap life assurance
16.33 125 equity loan
16.32 anti spam exchange
16.31 credit equity home line
16.3 att go phone
16.3 dui florida lawyer
16.27 hair removal new york
16.14 merchant account international
16.11 vioxx class action
16.1 125 home equity loan
16.1 life insurance quote online
16.09 consolidation loan
16.04 equity line of credit
16.02 carolina law lemon north
16.02 equity rates
15.87 direct home insurance line
15.86 angeles attorney los tax
15.85 credit home line
15.81 term insurance
15.81 auto insurances
15.8 debtfreedirect
15.8 refinance comparison
15.77 acid reflux treatment
15.77 bad credit mortgage refinance
15.73 college loan refinance
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